From Unemployed To CEO of A Food Company, Read Tolulope Hassan’s Story

A year plus ago, Tolulope Hassan a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University was unemployed and in search of self validation. Today she’s the CEO of a fast rising food business with big dreams she’s already achieving. Read her inspiring story here.

I studied Chemistry at the University. For someone who had always been an honours student, I suddenly found myself not doing so well in Chemistry. Like so many other people, my journey to self – discovery began then. Amongst many other things, I discovered that I ‘’ aced’’ the few business courses woven into my coursework. I knew then, I was on the wrong academic path. I guess somewhere in my mind, the thought had formed.. .’’ Hey, you could really thrive in business’’

The journey to being the founder of Steam Quarters has been an interesting one to say the least.

I was unemployed for a while and it was a very painful period. My credentials were not the best on the block so; I remained on the shelf for a while. I should mention though, that at this point I had some clarity about who I was, I just needed an opportunity. I wanted someone to look past my credentials, and identify the potential in me. I wanted to prove my worth to any organization. You could say it wasn’t enough that God affirmed me, I wanted some external proof of my worth.

My mantra was ‘’ the true worth of a thing is what people are willing to pay for it’’

The jobs came after a while. On my second job, I was employed to manage a new company initiative. It was the most challenging task, but that’s where I learnt everything I know about startups and building a business.

‘’Unemployment is a vice and a menace’’. ‘’Everyone deserves an opportunity’’. That’s what I’ve learnt from my own experience. That’s what inspires me to do what I do. I just want to contribute my own quota to create as much jobs as possible.

About Steam Quarters

Steam Quarters is a Food/ Lunch delivery service. We cater exclusively to working people, offices and corporate bodies. Unlike any other food delivery outfit currently in business, our meals are homemade and on a subscription.


Basically what that means is, we want to take the burden of always having to sort out lunch away from the shoulders of our customers. Yes, we have figured that even doing something as simple as ordering for your own meals every single day can become a drag.

Our Services

So, here’s what we propose, by subscribing to a meal plan, see here for our different meal plans, you have continuous, uninterrupted access to lunch within your subscription validity period. Furthermore, every meal delivered in a box comprises of a main dish, side dish , fruits and water. Click here to view our Business Weekly Menu .


Asides, form the regular meals cited in the above meal plan, we also have the Fiit-fam weekly. This is perfect for people on a strict diet or a weight loss regimen. It comes packed with low- carbs, oiless meals, more greens and smoothies with each meal.

Finally, we offer tailored catering services for all business events i.e. (Seminars, Trainings, conferences, AGM’s etc.)

To buy a meal plan, simply visit our website to subscribe or reach us on any of the following platforms.Phone: 012914386, 08187395329, 09085465072     Email:,

Current Challenges

Running a campaign

As with every new innovation, selling the idea of presubscribed meals in a box is a pretty daunting task. Working people have found a way to adapt and survive in the workplace when it comes to meeting their food needs. However, we hope that with a stream of satisfied customers who can testify to the value we bring, we can influence the better part of the workforce to see what we see.

Where do I see Steam Quarters in 2 years??

I see Steam Quarters with outlets across Nigeria. We would have become major stakeholders in the agricultural space. I see Steam Quarters as the first option when it comes to exciting meals and superfast delivery. In 2 years, we hope to have created hundreds of Jobs across Nigeria.


Steam Quarters also provides catering services for business dinners, luncheons, corporate events,etcIMG_20160210_153509

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All pictures courtesy Tolu Hassan/Steam Quaters